riding model, 970mm (22HP)

Riding mower

22HP riding mower that works best for Korea’s topography

HA-RM222 riding model, 970mm (22HP)

    Excellent work performance
    Most cutting-edged HST transmission equipment and a plethora of convenient options

Strong power
  • Exceptional performance in dense bushes (bush mower)
  • Performs the function of 4-wheel driving with 2-wheel driving built in.
Excellent work performance
Capable of driving up to 10km/h and high capacity of cutting 970mm of grass (80a/h)
Korea’s one and only best performing speed mower among similar products
Most cutting-edged HST transmission equipment and a plethora of convenient options
Relieves the fatigue after long hours of continuous work; pleasant work experience (good for use by the elderly)
Design with sophisticated and compact structure, optimal safety and convenience in mind
  • Included automatic detection system to protect the safety of drivers
  • The 1850mm minimum turning radius makes it easy to navigate while driving on narrow streets
  • The installation of differential gear allows the mower to perform well without slipping even in slopes
Automatic detection system to protect driver’s safety
The engine will automatically turn off in the event of the driver’s sudden exit from the vehicle after starting the engine.
Satisfactory after-sales services
As a manufacturer specializing in agricultural machines, we provide excellent after-sales services in all of A/S networks across Korea.
This riding mower is developed after we signed a technology agreement with Japan’s Fujii. The mower is equipped with the most cutting-edged HST transmission and a plethora of convenient functions. BUSH MOWER
The machine is excellent in cutting bushes and boasts exceptional performance in dense weeds.
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