Loaded-In-Vehicle Model, 1000L

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Attachable/Detachable Model Long-Distance Fumigator

Bird Flu and Foot-And-Mouth Disease Fumigator/Exterminator

HA-1000CSGⅡ Loaded-In-Vehicle Model, 1000L

    Client-customized option selection
    Optimal stability and design for convenient working environment
    Perfect extermination system and 27HP American Kohler engine

Omnidirectional Rotation Ventilation Ducts
Uses rotational FRP fumigation ventilation ducts in the shape of human joints
With rotations of 180 degrees left and right, 360 degrees up and down, downward spraying on the sides of rivers
and upward spraying on the rooftops of sheds and stables
Reduction of manpower as a one-person operation and swift fumigation work
One-person operation possible thanks to the wired remote control equipment
One-person operation, attachment/detachment possible thanks to the out trigger installed
2-Way and long-distance spraying system
Sprayer and pulsating pump installed separately
Long-distance spraying work possible thanks to the composition of the separate reel equipment
Various angles of rotation
The long-distance fumigator/exterminator (patent pending) in the shape of human joints is the only product
that can spray in all directions – left, right, and even down to the bottom.
Optimal stability and design for convenient working environment
Wireless remote control system, high-pressure sprayer reel, and 2 fire hose reels installed Separate mounting structure for the driver and field of vision ensured
Cylindrical FRP ducts
The cylindrical FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) ducts that deal with the ultraviolet rays of the existing rubber wrinkle tubes can be used perpetually
Perfect extermination system and 27HP American Kohler engine
    Boasts a minimum breakdown rate and outstanding durability
  • Minimal power loss, maximal extermination effect
  • Can adjust the spraying of fine particles with one touch
Convenient pressured attachment/detachment function
Can be loaded onto vehicle using pressured attachment/detachment.
If loaded onto a truck, maneuverability and broad-range spraying are easy.
Client-customized option selection
Tire sterilizers, forward spraying, antifreeze tanks, etc
Ventilation duct for which we have applied for a patent
The ventilation ducts, made of rotational FRP materials that are shaped like human joints, can easily be operated with a button to move up, down, left, right, or even down to spray chemicals from a wide variety of angles.
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