Self-Propelled All-In-One Model, 2000L

Self-Propelled Long-Distance Fumigator/Exterminator

Powerful ventilation engine, fan Excellent for garbage dumps, livestock disease, pest control

HA-2000TCSⅢ Self-Propelled All-In-One Model, 2000L

    Various angles of rotation
    Excellent driving system
    Powerful drivability

Various angles of rotation
The long-distance fumigator/exterminator (patent pending) in the shape of human joints is the only product that can spray left, right, and even down to the bottom.
Excellent driving system
There is of course 4-wheel drive, and gear transmission is possible even while driving like in an automobile. 2-wheel, 4-wheel, low-speed, high-speed, and the like can all be utilized freely and with ease
Powerful drivability
The 4-wheel drive equipment and extremely wide, large-sized tires for tractors boast a smooth and seamless drivability even in unfavorable conditions, including wetlands and adventitious shoots.
Comfortable Working Environment
Wired/wireless remote control system, high-pressure spray reel, and 2 fire hose reels installed
Low-noise super powerful turbo fan, can be operated by one person
Cylindrical FRP ducts
The cylindrical FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) ducts that deal with the ultraviolet rays of the existing rubber wrinkle tubes can be used perpetually
Perfect Extermination System and 50HP Hyundai Automobile Engine
We are proud of our zero malfunction rate and superior durability
Achieved high extermination performance with zero loss of motion.
Capability to adjust the amount of micro spraying particles by one touch
Range of Use
  • Broad-range spraying for the prevention of communicable diseases among livestock in large-scale animal husbandry regions,
    for garbage dumps and landfills, for grassy golf courses, migratory bird reservoirs, etc.
  • Suitable for environmentally friendly spraying on field crops, as well as for chemical extermination
  • Use as environmental protection equipment, such as for industrial dust removal
Ventilation duct for which we have applied for a patent
The ventilation ducts, made of rotational FRP materials that are shaped like human joints, can easily be operated with a button to move up, down, left, right, or even down to spray chemicals from a wide variety of angles.

Equipped with AmericanKohler engine
The reputable horsepower and outstanding torque durability of Kohler’s Command, Magnum and K-series engines are designed and developed based on CAD/CAM and produced with the finest manufacturing processes.
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