Free Tray Grader (24grade~ Customized design)

Free Tray Grader

Free Tray Grader (Electronic type)

HAF-SW120 Series Free Tray Grader (24grade~ Customized design)

    ● New Product Certification / New Technology Certification
    ● Pressure figure prevention system / Breakthrough packaging method
    ● Processing speed: Select 6EA per 1SEC
    ● Able to attach non-destructive sugar content sensor

    Customized design, large scale grader expandable to 24 steps
    - Pressure figure prevention system : Maintain the product quality without any collision between raw materials by using special cushion of free tray
    - Breakthrough packaging method : Able to do the largest packaging by improving packaging standby section
    - Processing speed : Select 6EA per 1SEC by complementing the drawbacks of the tray (Processing speed maximum21,600EA/hr)
    - Compatibility :Able to attach non-destructive sugar content sensor, able to attach image reading device using camer

    Applied trayinduction technology
    - Conventional technology (tray hitting method) – shaking
    - Development technology (tray induction method)–stable

    Layout of standby of raw material tray and returning of empty tray
    Judged tray ejected from the main grader is configured to temporarily standby for the packaging process
    After packaging, empty ray is transported to feed convey or line through returning conveyor
    Continuous returning is available when acquiring each data of sugar content sensor, color sensor and shape sensor
    Able to extend emission level according to the grade setting

    Layout of packing line
    Open box packaging is located right in front of the operators, and raw materials transferred to the tray can be packed in an open box by the operator so that it can be packed easily
    The folding box and container work is located right behind the operators and transported to the finished product conveyor

    ※ The appearance, specifications and options of the product may be changed without notice, depending on the manufacturer's situation. 

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