Electric fruit grader (Level 8, 10, 12, 16)

Carrier high-speed Grader

Electric fruit grader with convenient touch screen type

HAC-2160A Series Electric fruit grader (Level 8, 10, 12, 16)

    Agricultural Fruit Sorting Machine
    ● Customer-oriented customized design: Touch screen type, fruit tree setting, daily workload display
    ● Innovative product design: Soft emissions, expandable screening grades (10~36)

    Customize design and respond to different types of high-speed lines
    Touch-type computers (easily operated by anyone), selectable by an orchard setting, and display daily workload
    polynomial screening extension
    Polynomial screening extension
    Multi-modified design with 28,800 selectable & throughput per hour
    Speed variable selectable
    It's selectable by varying the speed, and it's available for large volume processing
    Sensational product design
    Soft discharge (minimum domestic level under fruit pressure), expandable screening grade (12-36), visual sensor option attachment. (special/phase separation
    Installable auxiliary facilities
    Defrosting machine, taping machine, rich re-shelf, electro-slowing, cleaning facility (brush washing, ozone water, electrolyte cleaning, drying, etc), automatic dispensing machine, etc.

    Non-destructive glycosens (internal judge) attachable and color sensors. (cameras)

※ The appearance, specifications and options of the product may be changed without notice, depending on the manufacturer's situation.

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