Self-Propelled Style, 2000L Model

  • good design
Power Liquefied Manure Sprayer (Liquefied Manure)

Environmentally Friendly Liquefied Manure Sprayer

HA-2000LMS Self-Propelled Style, 2000L Model

    Boasts outstanding driving on rough fields and in deep pits by means of the environmentally friendly sprayer optimized to fields

Powerful drivability
  • 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering, and side brakes provide the minimum turning radius (first in Korea)
  • The large-sized, ultra-wide tires for tractors boast a smooth drivability for any unfavorable condition, including wetlands and adventitious shoots.
  • The setup of the handy wind screen tower does not disturb the driver’s driving.
Broad Spraying Equipment
Allows for swift, as well as equal, spraying
Practicality and economic feasibility of the carrier’s dual use model
Fitted with the versatile carrier vehicle system, which is capable of dumping, it can be used in all four seasons, thus bearing substantial value added.
One-Touch Two-Way Spraying System
Low spraying and long-distance spraying can simply be switch from one to the other.
Bulk Pump Adopted
Powerful suction, discharge power, and the powerful ability to deal with sludge and unwanted matter
The best driving engine installed
Fitted with the American Kohler engine, the best driving engine, which boasts powerful strength and durability double that of comparable engines
Excellent driving system
There is of course 4-wheel drive, and gear transmission is possible even while driving like in an automobile. 2-wheel, 4-wheel, low-speed, high-speed, and the like can all be utilized freely and with ease.
FRP tank and zinc plating
Zinc-plated frame applied that ensures permanent longevity and coating of the original work based first on the non-corrosive, permanent coating style of automobiles, agricultural machinery, and FRP tanks
Power delivery equipment based on the electronic clutch
Extends the longevity of the spraying engine and pump
Power delivery equipment based on electric clutch
We added the versatile carrier system of the automobile concept to the liquefied manure sprayer, which has a limited period of use, in order to design a high-value-added product that can be used in all four seasons in all aspects of farming.
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