Wheel Model, 1-Ton

  • 4WD/4WS
  • lift
  • dump
Multi-Function Power Carrier

Driving System Closest to an Automobile, only from Hana The most powerful, optimal carrier functions

HA-1000ACEⅢ Wheel Model, 1-Ton

    One-ton loadable amount
    The best driving engine installed
    Compact design and low-center design

One-ton loadable amount
Korea’s first one-ton high-capacity carrier, closest to automobile drive equipment
The best driving engine installed
Equipped with an American Kohler engine, the best driving engine, which boasts powerful strength and durability double that of comparable engines
Cutting-edge driving system
2-wheel/4-wheel, high-speed/low-speed transmission is possible while driving, and the pressured clutch brings an even jauntier maneuverability into full effect.
Compact design and low-center design
Demonstrates maneuverability in constricted spaces, such as dense tree areas and low-lying locations
High-Capacity Pressured Function
The high-capacity pressured pump, which has taken into consideration the loading of heavy materials, and the cylinder push up one ton like it is nothing.
Wide and sturdy cargo box
Can load bulky cargo and high-volume fruit containers
Equipped with American Kohler engine
The reputable horsepower and outstanding torque durability of Kohler’s Command, Magnum and K-series engines are designed and developed based on CAD/CAM and produced with the finest manufacturing processes.

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