Boom-Style (Pressured), 0.1-Ton

Boom-Style High-Place Operating Vehicle

Makes operation in high places simpler
and more convenient thanks to the

HA-LC100 Boom-Style (Pressured), 0.1-Ton

    Simple design and convenient, free maneuverability
    Gondola Dually Equipped with Stability and Comfort

Simple design and convenient, free maneuverability
Plate-shaped (octagon) boom operating pedal allows the work platform to go up and down 2.5m and left and right 2.6m
Diagonal motion maneuvering – 8 directions, up/down (0.26~2.5m), left/right (80 degrees)
Gondola Dually Equipped with Stability and Comfort
  • Uses an open-and-close safety handle on the gondola to make entering and exiting easier
  • Peace of mind even when working on the work platform thanks to the double locking equipment
  • Lessens the burden when riding with the optimal step guard height
A design that offers peace of mind that considers the safety and convenience of the user
Uses a system that automatically decelerates the engine rev count if the boom goes over the level
Peace-of-mind design to prevent the boom from dropping sharply
Engine cover that is easy to maintain and manage
Even when the boom is in the lowest position, it is possible to attach and detach the engine cover
Even if you do not separate the engine cover, it is possible to use the fueling and recoil starter
Compact design, pursuing convenience of maintenance and management
This high-place operating vehicle was developed after we signed a technology agreement with Japan’s Fujii.
It is equipped with the most cutting-edge boom product design and a plethora of convenient functions.
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